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If you’re looking for wooden fencing, metal railings, chain-link, composite or some other alternative to white vinyl fence, then you won’t find it here. While we do offer a variety of styles, there’s no compromise when it comes to our color and material.

White. Vinyl. Fence.

Since it became by far our most-requested product, some years ago we decided to focus exclusively on the supply of white vinyl fence and that’s what keeps us not just in business, but thriving. And while our color and material remains constant, we do offer a variety of styles.  

The type of fence you install will depend on its intended purpose. You or your customer may be looking to provide a decorative border around a garden, erect a privacy barrier, install a protective perimeter fence or provide a safe enclosure for families or pets, or even a combination of those. Whatever your goal, Vinyl Fence of Tampa has the products and the solutions you need.

Our Products

Below is a selection of some of our more popular products. For any questions you may have, contact us at (813) 537-6087 and we’ll be happy to provide you with assistance. Most of our products are on-hand and ready for pickup. For anything not currently in stock, we will do everything within our power to get it back in stock and ready for you as soon as possible.
Vinyl privacy fence

Privacy Fence

Our most popular product. Used widely across the country, our 6′ privacy fence offers numerous benefits vs other fence types, which set it apart, particularly in the harsh Florida climate. When properly installed, there are few alternatives that can hold a candle to our 6′ white vinyl privacy fence.​ We also offer a semi-private vinyl fence that provides a good level of privacy while offering an improved degree of light and air flow. Call us for details.

White Picket Fence

Picket Fence

Looking to add that classic piece of Americana to your home? Does your craftsman bungalow have a front lawn that is just begging to be enclosed by what has become synonymous with hard-working patriots having taken hold of the American dream?! Then look no further than our selection of beautiful picket fences. Contact your trusted fence company Vinyl Fence of Tampa today at (813) 537-6087 and have us provide you with a free estimate. 

Post and rail.jpg

Post & Rail

Our post & rail fencing is particularly popular in the horse-breeding areas north of Tampa (Odessa, Keystone, etc.) and is the ideal solution for dividing pastures. Easily installed and will last a lifetime.
Pool Fence

Pool Fence

Nothing in life is more important than ensuring the safety of loved ones, and especially young children and pets. Our pool fencing provides a strong and elegant perimeter to keep whatever you don’t want in the pool, out of the pool.
Semi private.png


For homeowners or businesses looking for a good level of privacy but prefer to allow for light and air flow, our semi-private fencing is the perfect solution, and can typically be installed in a single  day. 

Measure Twice, Cut once

Want to work out how much you’ll need for your project? Then put that pencil away and use our vinyl fence material calculator!

Nobody has the time, patience or the money for mistakes, and particularly during a pandemic. Leave out the guesswork and get down and dirty with the numbers so you can be sure you’ve estimated the project accurately.

Why Vinyl?

If you live in Florida and own or are responsible for the generic wood panel fencing they sell in big box stores, you know exactly what the drawbacks are. And if you’ve ever owned vinyl fence, you’ll know exactly why you’d never go back. Check out some of the benefits:
  • Minimal maintenance
    Once installed, vinyl fence is practically maintenance-free besides needing a good pressure wash every 12 months or so. This naturally translates to cost savings to the home or business owner with no need for repairs, repainting, etc.
  • Strong
    Vinyl is approximately five (yes, 5!) times stronger than wood. It won’t rot, it won’t need repainting, it isn’t susceptible to termites, it doesn’t splinter, it won’t weather over time and it is far more resistant to Florida’s strong (sometimes hurricane-force) winds than wood.
  • Flexible
    Speaking of wind, vinyl offers excellent flexibility when battling the elements. It’s also much safer for use on farms, being resistant to impacts and bites from horses, cows, etc.
  • Affordable
    Already an affordable option as it is, vinyl fencing becomes even more reasonable when you factor in the need for practically zero maintenance for the life of the fence, giving it outstanding longevity and leaving your pocket book relatively unscathed.
  • Easy to install
    One of the biggest benefits of vinyl fence is the ease – and the speed – with which it can be installed. Many of our contractors quote rates of 300-400 linear feet per day using our products, allowing them to get in, get the job done, and be home in time for dinner. 
  • Superior privacy
    Unlike other products on the market (iron, aluminum), vinyl fence offers complete privacy for your home or business, with standard 5′ or 6′ heights extremely popular in the Tampa area.
  • Outstanding aesthetics
    In addition to all of the other benefits listed above, what our customers really wants is something that LOOKS good. All of our products provide a clean, sharp look that will complement any residential or commercial setting.
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