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Welcome to Vinyl Fence of Tampa

Your Local Fence Contractor

Vinyl Fence of Tampa specializes in the supply of white vinyl fence to the Tampa Bay area. Combining years of industry experience with our knowledge of the industry and local market trends, we are your best resource when it comes to replacing old fencing or simply adding a new one.

Unlike other service contractors, we have no interest in offering you every product under the sun. We believe that any company worth its salt strives to specialize in doing just one thing, rather than a million things at a mediocre level. We’d rather be experts at one thing than beginners at many.

That’s why our product selection is limited to white vinyl fence. Not beige, not gray, not black, not wood, not chain link… WHITE. VINYL. FENCE. That’s what sets us apart.

Our Fences

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Privacy Fence

Privacy Fence

Our privacy fence offers unrivalled beauty, durability and privacy. Give your property the security and protection it deserves, while preserving its beauty and still keeping the neighbors happy!

Picket Fence

Picket Fence

White picket fences are a great way to add charm, character, and curb appeal to any home. They are a timeless classic that instantly adds a sense of warmth and beauty to any property.

Post & Rail

Post & Rail

Our post & rail fencing is particularly popular in the horse-breeding areas north of Tampa (Odessa, Keystone, etc.) and is the ideal solution for dividing pastures. Easily installed and will last a lifetime.

Pool Fence

Pool Fence

Nothing in life is more important than ensuring the safety of loved ones, and especially young children and pets. Our pool fencing provides a strong and elegant perimeter to keep whatever you don’t want in the pool, out of the pool.



For homeowners or businesses looking for a good level of privacy but prefer to allow for light and air flow, our semi-private fencing is the perfect solution, and can typically be installed in a single day.

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Why Choose Us?


We specialize exclusively in vinyl fences, so you can ensure that our products are of the highest quality.


Our fences are made to last – they won’t fade, crack, or chip like some other materials may.


We have a wide variety of vinyl fencing options to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your home.


Our team is knowledgeable and friendly, so you can be sure you’re getting the best service possible.

Our Numbers Speak For Themselves


Privacy Fence Installations


Semi-Private Fences


Other Fence Installations

What Our Customers Are Saying


Really happy with what these guys did around our backyard. Installed a white PVC fence at a really good price and they were really nice.

Jim Snyder



Vinyl Fence of Tampa did excellent work installing a 290 linear foot vinyl fence around our property in Plant City. We would highly recommend them!

Kent Warren



We needed 120 linear ft of vinyl fence and these guys supplied and installed it at a very reasonable price.

Juliet Hamilton


Why Choose Vinyl Fence of Tampa?

White vinyl fence

What Drives Our Business?

Our most frequent clients are contractors from the Tampa Bay Area, but in reality our customers come to us from all across Central Florida.

The Tampa Bay Metropolitan area is home to over 3 million people, living in over a million households. From single-family homes to condos and apartment complexes, the vast majority of buildings require perimeter enclosures.

Whether it’s to replace existing fencing or to add new fence for new construction or to subdivide land lots, etc., there’s no denying that the demand for fence products is extremely high.

What’s more, the Tampa Bay real estate market has seen a major boom in recent years due to multiple factors including migration, demographic changes, employment trends, growth in multiple business sectors and local development. Here are a few snippets of information to highlight what’s driving this demand:

  • Florida has been ranked the top US state for net migration for 5 years running thanks to its high quality of life, good weather, strong employment figures and relatively affordable housing

  • Tampa Bay ranks 6th in the nation for migration of tech workers, which now make up 8% of the area’s entire workforce

  • Rising living costs and adverse weather such as cold and wildfires are driving migration to the southeast from northern cities and the west coast

  • The median age of Tampa Bay residents (37) is younger than most other FL counties, which helps to attract more younger families with higher household incomes

  • Tampa Bay added 11,900 jobs in June 2021, helping the region return to pre-pandemic levels of job growth and spending much faster than expected

White vinyl privacy fence
White vinyl post and rail fence

Successful Fence Installations Every Time

Vinyl Fence of Tampa is considered to be the leading supplier of vinyl fencing across not only Tampa Bay, but all of Central Florida, and it’s a tag we want to make good on. Whatever your project, we have the inventory, the personnel and the wherewithal to make sure you get it done on-time, and on-budget.

Our customers are our lifeblood. If for any reason we receive even the smallest complaint, we go out of our way to make sure it’s not only attended to, but resolved. We want all our customers to leave with a smile on their face and to come back again and again, and it’s thanks to that commitment that we have built relationships with some of our contractors that go back many years.

Our customers know that they won’t get the same level of

exceptional service, the same products or the same availability anywhere. That’s why they keep coming back.

Our Customers Come First

From contractors to homeowners, are customers reach far and wide, and they keep coming back to us because they know what they are getting. The best products, in-stock, and for the best price.

And best of all? Our customer satisfaction rates are THROUGH THE ROOF. We put every effort into making sure our customers leave with exactly what they came for, at a price they can afford. That’s what we call good business.

Contact Vinyl Fence of Tampa today at (813) 537-6087 to discuss your next project with us.

White vinyl fence
Vinyl Fence

Tampa Bay

Vinyl Fence of Tampa can help homeowners keep their homes safe and their families comfortable by building fences around the home. Tampa Bay has a number of different fence contractors available to help builders build a fence that is both beautiful and functional, but none come close to the quality, versatility, availability and commitment that Vinyl Fence of Tampa offers.

Vinyl Fence of Tampa offers enclosure services for homeowners who would like to enclose existing porches or add screened enclosures to patios, decks, or pool areas. Patios are often used as a space for outdoor dining and entertaining guests while enjoying Tampa’s wonderful weather. A barrier of some kind is usually required during these times since Tampa Bay Insects can be a problem at certain times of the year.

Pest Issues In Tampa Bay

The most common insects in the Tampa area are mosquitos which can carry diseases like Zika Virus and Dengue Fever. Homeowners should be sure to protect themselves against bites during outdoor activities by using bug spray with DEET when outside between dusk and dawn when mosquito activity is highest.

Tampa also has an active population of snakes that prey on rodents that may see your yard as a place to hide or find food. Your dog or small child may not notice these potentially dangerous creatures if they enter your yard while exploring the world. While snakes are usually non-aggressive, snake removal is a service that should be sought out if these pests become nuisance to keep residents safe from venomous bites.

Protect Your Family With A Fence

Vinyl Fence of Tampa understands that protecting your family and valuables should be one of your top concerns when you build a new Tampa home or Tampa business. We can help you create an enclosure for any outdoor area like porches, patios, decks and pool areas with high quality vinyl fencing materials.

A vinyl fence is strong and secure enough to protect your family while still fitting into the style of most existing Tampa homes built in Mediterranean or Spanish styles with white stucco or painted brick exteriors. The Tampa Bay climate requires a special type of Tampa fencing that will protect from the sun, wind and rain without fading or rotting.

Your Local Tampa Fence Company

Vinyl Fence of Tampa has been in business for over 15 years and provides high quality fencing materials to Tampa Bay homeowners at affordable prices.

We are located in the Northdale area of Florida, which means we are conveniently close enough to Tampa that we can help with any fence request you might have while simultaneously being far enough away to avoid traffic jams so our customers get the service they deserve. We build all types of residential fences including custom designs from scratch using highly skilled labor who care about doing quality work so your Tampa fence will be the best it can possibly be.

Vinyl Fence of Tampa services Tampa, Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas with top quality fencing materials to give your Tampa home the secure feeling you need while maintain an attractive appearance. If you’re searching for “fence contractors near me“, “fence companies near me“, fence builders near me“, “fence companies Tampa” or something similar, or to learn more about our fencing services or how we can help you enclose any outdoor area, call (813) 537-6087 today! If you’re looking for other services such as siding repair, handyman, tree care, tree removal, paver sealing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing or something similar, check out our partners using those links.

How Much Does A Vinyl Fence Cost In Tampa, FL?

The cost of a vinyl fence in Tampa, Florida, can vary depending on the size and type of fence you choose. Generally, a white vinyl fence will cost more than a traditional wooden fence, but it will last longer and require less maintenance. To get an accurate estimate of the cost of a vinyl fence in your area, contact Vinyl Fence of Tampa for a free consultation.

Are Vinyl Fences Suitable In Tampa, Florida?

Yes, vinyl fences are an excellent option for many homeowners in Tampa, Florida. Vinyl fences are durable, low-maintenance, and look great. They are a perfect choice for homeowners who want a beautiful fence that will last for many years.

​Vinyl Fence of Tampa specializes exclusively in supplying white vinyl fences to the Tampa Bay area. Combining years of industry experience with our knowledge of the industry and local market trends, we are your best resource for replacing old fencing or simply adding a new one.

How Long Does A Vinyl Fence Last In Tampa Bay?

A vinyl fence can last 10 to 25 years, depending on the quality of the vinyl, the climate, and how well it is maintained. In Tampa Bay, Florida, a vinyl fence should last around 15 years with regular maintenance.

If you’re in the market for a quality vinyl fence to be installed in Tampa Bay, you’ve come to the right place. Vinyl Fence of Tampa ​specializes in supplying and installing white vinyl fences in the Tampa Bay area. We combine years of industry experience with our knowledge of the industry and local market trends to give our customers the best possible experience. Whether you’re looking to replace an old fence or add a new one, we can help you choose the right vinyl fence for your needs and budget. Contact us today to get started!

White vinyl fence

Tampa, Florida Vinyl Picket Fences

One of our most popular vinyl fence options is the vinyl picket fence. Vinyl Fence of Tampa installs vinyl picket fences that instantly add character and charm to your home while also enhancing the beauty of your existing landscaping. Vinyl fences will not flake, crack, rot, blister, warp, fracture, or weather abnormally.

​Straight or scalloped tops, broad or thin pickets, numerous height, and picket spacing options, and white, khaki, or tan vinyl picket fence styles and options are available.

Tampa, Florida Vinyl Privacy Fence

Vinyl privacy fences, such as those installed by Vinyl Fence of Tampa in Tampa, Florida, are ideal for houses that require a little extra protection and comfort. Vinyl privacy fences are popular among individuals who live near their neighbors, have a pool, or want more privacy.

Our vinyl privacy fences are designed with interconnected tongue and groove boards to give maximum privacy. The boards reach deep into our rail system to compensate for modest elevation variations. Contact us today for vinyl private fence installation in Tampa, Florida.

Semi-Private Vinyl Fences In Tampa, FL

Vinyl Fence of Tampa, Florida’s semi-private vinyl fence installation is a lovely way to keep people and animals where you want them while allowing the beauty of your landscape to be seen from the outside. Our semi-privacy vinyl fences will enhance the attractiveness of your Tampa, FL house while also adding curb appeal and increasing property value.

​Our semi-private vinyl fences are ideal if you want to showcase flowers, garden areas, and a fountain or water feature while keeping the area secure. We have references to back up our personalized semi-private vinyl fence installations in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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